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New Mexico Bernalillo County Jail

Photo by: Bernalillo County

The mission of the Bernalillo County Jail (Metropolitan Detention Center) is to protect the public and provide a safe and secure environment of both inmates and staff under the principles of direct supervision and in accordance with the American Correctional Association (ACA) standards.

Bernalillo County Jail is ranked 39th in size and considered a mega jail among the 3,300 jails in the United States. The population of this jail changes regularly as new individuals are arrested and old detainees are either transferred to prison or released. On average, 40,000 inmates are processed annually through the Bernalillo County Jail and more than 11 million people are processed through the U.S. jail system each year.

The Bernalillo County Jail (Metropolitan Detention Center) works with the Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners, County Manager’s Office and the community to provide safe and efficient solutions for the safety, health and welfare of inmates housed in the county jail. MDC provides comprehensive health care and inmate programming to maintain inmate health and reduce recidivism.

Driving Directions

  • West on I-40 to Atrisco Vista, exit 149
  • South on Atrisco Vista
  • Cross Central Avenue and the exit ramp from I-40
  • Turn right (west) on the frontage road
  • Travel west until you reach a stop sign
  • At the stop sign turn left (south) onto Shelly Road
  • Follow Shelly Road past the next Stop sign and
    continue south 3/4 mile to get to the facility
  • Follow the curve to the right and then to the left – you are now on Deputy Dean Miera Dr.
  • Follow Deputy Dean Miera Dr.
    Rd to the Visiting parking lot (just past the employee parking lot)

How to send mail to an inmate in the Bernalillo County Jail?

Use the following format when sending mail to an inmate:

Name of Inmate
Inmate ID Number
100 Deputy Dean Miera Dr. SW
Albuquerque NM, 87151

Some points to consider when sending mail to an inmate:

  • All mail sent to inmates is subject to search.
  • Inmates are not allowed to receive packages.
  • There is no limit on the amount of letters an inmate may receive.
  • Inmates are allowed to purchase paper, envelopes, and stamps for return correspondence.

How to send money to an inmate in the Bernalillo County Jail?

Depositing Money Into an Inmate’s Account
On Wednesday, Sept. 7th the MDC Cash Accounting window will be CLOSED until 1pm. Only the The MDC Cash Accounting will be closed!

Money in Person
Bring cash for amount of deposit only, No Money Orders are accepted. Minimum deposit required is $5.00, no change is given. Hours of Operation for Depositing Money in Person:
09:00 am to 11:00 am, 11:30 am to 02:15 pm, 03:15 pm to 05:30 pm, 06:00 pm to 07:00 pm

Money by Mail

All money sent through the mail shall be addressed to “MDC Attn: Cash Accounting”. Money received can only be in the form of a money order and shall not exceed $100 (Western Union will still be limited to $50.00). All money orders shall be made payable to MDC with the inmate’s name and booking number in the memo section. Any money by mail that does not follow the above criteria will be returned to sender.

Please Note: Cashier’s Check are not accepted
Send to:
MDC c/o Cash Accounting
100 Deputy Dean Miera Dr. SW
Albuquerque, NM 87151
Please allow 5-7 business days to process

How to visit an inmate in the Bernalillo County Jail?

Please perform Bernalillo County Jail inmate search to locate inmate’s assigned unit before visiting. Visits are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. Visits may be cancelled without prior notice.

Video visitation in the Bernalillo County Jail is available seven days a week. The daytime session begins at 8am with the last visit at 1:30 pm. The daytime session will facilitate 150 visits on a first-come-first-serve basis. The evening session begins at 4pm with the last visit at 6:30 pm. The evening session will facilitate 100 visits on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Visits may be denied for any of the following reasons:

  • An MDC supervisor, manager, or administrator considers the visitor a threat to the safety of the center, staff, or inmates.
  • The inmate refuses the visit.
  • The visitor is abusive to MDC personnel.
  • The visitor is not present at the time of the visit.
  • The visitor is inappropriately dressed.

Bernalillo County Jail Visiting Hours:

Monday – NO VISITS
Tuesday – S/I (Segregation), PAC and HSU (Sheltered Housing Unit)
– 8am to 1:30 pm Except PAC 1, 2, and 4
– 4pm to 6:30 pm
Wednesday-D Unit
– 8am to 1:30 pm Except D-1, D-2, and D-6
– 4pm to 6:30 pm
Thursday – E & F-Units
– 8am to 1:30 pm Except E-3, E-4, F-4, F-5, and F-6
– 4pm to 6:30 pm Except E-1 and E-2
Friday – E & F-Units
– 8am to 1:30 pm Except F5
– 4pm to 6:30 pm Except E-1 and E-2
– 8am to 1:30 pm S/I (Segregation), PAC, HSU (Sheltered Housing Unit), and E Unit
– 4pm to 6:30 pm F Unit and D Unit
– 8am to 1:30 pm D-Unit and F Unit
– 4pm to 6:30 pm S/I (Segregation), PAC, HSU (Sheltered Housing Unit), and E Unit

Bernalillo County Jail Inmate Search

Inmate search provides information about current persons in custody of the Bernalillo County Jail. Inmate roster usually includes the following information: booking or admission time, first and last name, gender, race, age or date of birth. Sometimes more detailed inmate records are provided (case number, charges, bail/bond amount, previous charges, photo, address, sentence information, commitment information, disciplinary infractions, disciplinary appeals, parole action, parole placement, work program, detainer/ warrants, profile classification, etc.).

Inmate Search in Bernalillo County Jail is provided by Bernalillo County Jail itself or by other third party. We do not guarantee accuracy of the information provided by Bernalillo County Jail inmate search service. Be aware, that inmate information for different jails and prisons has different update periodicity. Usually inmate rosters are updated as new innmates data becomes available. Please see Bernalillo County Jail website for more information. Typically online inmate lists should not be considered an official record or an official inmate roster. Official records and inmate rosters are kept by Bernalillo County Jail.

Bernalillo County Jail Arrest Warrants

Arrest warrant of Bernalillo County Jail is a warrant issued by the Bernalillo County judge to authorize the arrest and detention of an individual. Bernalillo County Jail arrest warrant list provides all outstanding arrest warrants of Bernalillo County yet to be served by law enforcement officials. The suspected named in the warrant of Bernalillo County Jail can be arrested anytime.

Bernalillo County Jail Most Wanted

Most wanted persons listed by Bernalillo County Jail may be armed and dangerous. Do not attempt to apprehend a wanted person on your own. If you know someone listed on the Bernalillo County Jail most wanted persons, please contact the detention facility office (see contacts of the Bernalillo County Jail below).

Bernalillo County Jail Contact Details

New Mexico
Bernalillo County
100 Deputy Dean Miera Dr. SW Albuquerque, NM 87151
35.2102001, -106.66858200000001
(505) 839-8700
Visit website

Opening Hours

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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