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It is the mission of the Hendricks County Jail to provide a safe, secure and constitutional detention facility in the most respectful, professional and fiscally responsible manner possible.

How to visit an inmate in Hendricks County Jail?

Hendricks County Jail conducts Open Visitation, there are no appointments. Inmates may have a weekly 30-minute visit with maximum of 2 visitors. Visitation is first come/first serve. First 2 visitors registering will be allowed to visit. All visitors are required to produce picture identification when signing in for visitation. There is no longer requirement for children to have prior approval. Children 1 year and older count as one of the 2 weekly visitors. Exception are infants (11 months and younger) that may be carried or sit on lap. The schedule of Visitation is as follows for each housing assignment. Property (books/clothing) can’t be accepted for inmates during visitation.

If you arrive late and are allowed to visit, you will have only the time that is remaining to visit. It will be at the discretion of the Jail Supervisor if you will be allowed to visit.

All inmates can have a weekly 30 minute visit with two adult visitors. Visitors sign up
15 minutes prior to visitation start time with photo ID. Person(s) under 18 years can
visit if accompanied by person 18 years or older. Person(s) 17 years and younger
that visit count as one of the two authorized visitors.

How to call an inmate in Hendricks County Jail?

Inmates have telephones available in their housing areas daily from 6 a.m. to 12 midnight. Inmate phones may only call collect. Inmate telephones can not call cell phones, pagers, internet phones etc. The jail no longer sells phone cards in the lobby. However phone cards may be purchased on commissary. All inmates must call their families collect. Family members and friends may have to set up an account with our inmate telephone provider GTL to accept collect calls. GTL toll free telephone number is 1-866-230-7761.

New Inmates are provided opportunity to use the telephone after processing and during each 8-hour shift while in Holding Cells pending court arraignment and classification to a housing unit. No phone calls are offered between 1200 P.M. – 6 A.M. to inmates housed in Holding.

Sheriff and Hendricks County Jail Staff can only deliver verifiable emergency telephone messages. Jail Supervisor will verify thru Hospital, Coroner, and Funeral Home etc.

How to send mail to an inmate in Hendricks County Jail?

Anyone wishing to write to an Inmate in Hendricks County Jail must address the envelope as follows:

Inmate’s Name: ____________________________
Prisoner ID Number: ________________________
Post Office Box 87
Danville, IN 46122-0087

All mail must include COMPLETE “Return Name &Address”. Correspondence without a return address is non-deliverable. No return address labels.

Items that will be accepted through the mail are letters, greeting cards, or post cards.

Packages, newspapers, magazines , stamps or homemade cards will not be accepted. Any letters determined to have been sprayed with perfume, or letters containing lipstick prints will not be given to the inmate, but will go directly into the inmates property. No stickers or address labels of any kind.

Effective March 15, 2013 no envelopes will be allowed in the blocks. All mail with the exception of legal mail, will be opened and searched for contraband and the envelope destroyed. Friends and family must include a return address in their letters.

How to send money to an inmate in Hendricks County Jail?

Hendricks County Jail does not accept any money orders, cash or checks through the mail. Commissary is issued twice weekly, usually on Tuesday and Friday evenings. Funds must be received by noon on Monday and by noon on Thursday. If an inmate is released or transferred before commissary is issued, it will be credited and the money put back on his / her account.

A lobby Kiosk is available at the Sheriff’s Department 24 hours a day to deposit money to an inmate account.
*Open a prepaid telephone account
*Deposit to a prepaid telephone or commissary account
*Kiosk accepts cash ($5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 bills)
*Accept credit and debit cards

Make a deposit to a commissary fund or prepaid telephone account by using one of the following services if you are unable to make a Kiosk Deposit:
Online Prepaid Phone Deposits: www.pcsdailydial.com
Online Commissary Deposits: www.offenderconnect.com
By Telephone for Prepaid Phone Deposits: 888-288-9879
By Telephone for Commissary Deposits: 888-988-4768
Site ID: 96

What medical cate is provided to inmates?

The Hendricks County Jail provides medical care with Physicians and Registered Nurses through a licensed health care provider. Sick call for inmates is available daily (scheduling varies.) There is a $10.00 co-pay for doctor visits, and nurse sick calls, $10.00 medication co-pay. Dental care is provided within the facility. Dental care is provided for extraction and infection control. There is a $10.00 co-pay for dental visits. Inmates will be assessed a $10.00 fee for all labs and x-rays.

While incarcerated; the inmate is under the care of the jail physician, who will insure medical care is provided. Medication/Prescription refills may be brought in for authorization by the jail physician. If approved, they will be given in accordance with jail physician’s order. Emergency care is provided 24 hours daily 7 days a week at Hendricks County Community Hospital.

Information regarding an inmate’s medical status can only be released through proper medical channels with HIPPA Form authorization (doctor’s office, hospitals, etc.) Information can’t be released to family members or friends.

What if an inmate has special dietary requirements?

Any necessary dietary requirements must be directed to the attention of the Jail and Medical Staff. These special dietary requirements are reviewed and prescribed by Jail Physician and/or approved by Jail Commander and Kitchen Manager/Dietician.

Hendricks County Jail Arrest Warrants

Arrest warrant of Hendricks County Jail is a warrant issued by the Hendricks County judge to authorize the arrest and detention of an individual. Hendricks County Jail arrest warrant list provides all outstanding arrest warrants of Hendricks County yet to be served by law enforcement officials. The suspected named in the warrant of Hendricks County Jail can be arrested anytime.

Hendricks County Jail Contact Details

Hendricks County
925 E. Main St. Danville, IN 46122
39.758558, -86.503894
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