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The Pinellas County Jail in Florida is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for inmates and staff, providing jail programs that help inmates with their reorientation to society, enhancing professionalism of the staff through training and educational programs.

Pinellas County Jail is under supervision of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office. The jail is commanded by Major Tim Slaughter, is comprised of five major components – Central Division, North Division (which includes Medical), South Division, Support Services Division and the Court Security Division.

The Pinellas County Jail is located on 54 acres of land in central Pinellas County, off 49th Street, between Ulmerton Rd. and Roosevelt Blvd., and adjacent to the Criminal Justice Center. The jail complex provided housing for an average daily population of 2,993 for 2012, including pre-trial and sentenced offenders.  The Pinellas County Jail is the 28th largest jail in the nation.

The current total capacity of the Pinellas County Jail is 4,389 beds. In 2012, the average length of stay per inmate was 24 days. County-sentenced inmates’ average length of stay was 49 days.

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Pinellas County Jail Booking statistics for 2011:
47,376 – Booking total
130 – Average daily Bookings

Pinellas County Jail Release Statistics for 2011:
47,479 – Inmates Released
130 – Average daily releases

Pinellas County Jail Booking statistics for 2012:
46,198 – Booking total
128 – Average daily Bookings

Pinellas County Jail Release Statistics for 2012:
46,681 – Inmates Released
128 – Average daily releases

How do I send mail to an inmate in the Pinellas County Jail?

You may communicate with an inmate at any time via the U.S. Mail or private delivery service. We receive deliveries Monday through Friday from the U.S. Postal Service. All incoming mail is opened and searched for contraband. All magazines, newspapers, and books must come directly from the publisher. Legal mail received shall be opened in the presence of the inmate to confirm that it is legal mail. Self addressed, stamped envelopes, or stamps are not allowed in the jail. All mail should be addressed as follows or it will be returned to the post office:

Full name, identification (docket) number, housing assignment
Pinellas County Jail
14400 49th Street North
Clearwater, Florida 33762-2877

How do I visit an inmate in the Pinellas County Jail?

All visitors are required to schedule their visits and may do so up to one week in advance. Reservations are made by calling (727) 464-6842 or online at

Pinellas County Jail Online Visitation

The Video Visitation Center for all inmates is located at 14500 49th Street North in the Pinellas County Jail Administration Support Building. All visitors are required to schedule their visits in advance. Reservations to visit inmates will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Reservations can be scheduled only 7 days in advance for the Visitation Center and 7 days in advance for the Visitation Bus. Reservations are taken 7 days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Visits for the next day are able to be scheduled until 2:00 pm of the prior day.

Three persons may visit; one adult with two children – or – two adults with one child. No more than two adult visitors at one time. (Children must remain with adult) Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted without an adult.

All visitors must present a valid photo identification card (U.S.Govt. or State issued ID/Driver License) for admittance to the Video Visitation Center

Pinellas County Jail Visitation Rules

  • Inmates are allowed seven 40 minute visits per week. The hours of visitation are Sunday – Saturday 11:30am – 7:40pm. Visitors arriving 20 minutes after the start of their scheduled session will not be permitted to enter.
  • Three individuals may visit: one adult with two children or two adults with one child. No more than two adult visitors at any one time.
  • All visitors must present a valid photo identification card (driver’s license or stateissued identification card) for admittance to visitation.
  • All visitors at the height of 36″ or above will be required to have their facial images screened via Facial Recognition Screening prior to their scheduled visit.
  • Regulations concerning dress and conduct for all visitors are on display.
  • All visitors must comply with these regulations or face the possibility of terminating their visit.
  • Attorneys may visit their clients at any time. However, they are encouraged to conduct their visits during the regular work week at normal business hours.
  • Behavior problems involving children will not be tolerated. If such problems occur, the children and the accompanying adult will be asked to leave the area.
  • Funds are accepted during visitation hours; only certified check, money order or cashier’s check is accepted. The funds will be deposited in the inmate’s personal account on the next business day (Monday through Friday). In addition, kiosks where funds (cash or credit card) can also be deposited into inmate accounts are available to the general public at the jail’s visitation center and public lobby.
  • When a conflict in scheduling exists between a scheduled visit and other programs, the inmate shall have the option of attending the program or visitation. Inmates choosing to attend a program over visitation shall not be removed from the program to attend their visit.

How do I send money to an inmate in the Pinellas County Jail?

The Pinellas County Jail accepts Money Orders for inmates. The Money Order must contain the inmates full name, docket number, and housing assignment. Money orders are accepted 7 days a week at the visitation center.

Securely send money to an inmate through Access Corrections online at:, deposit by phone at: 866-345-1884 (toll-free), or at a lobby kiosk for a small convenience fee. Visa, MC, and Cash (Kiosk only) accepted. Kiosks are located in the main lobby of the Jail (24/7) and at the visitation center during visitation hours only.

How do I call an inmate in the Pinellas County Jail?

Inmates cannot receive phone calls, however they are allowed to make collect calls.

  • Three-way calling is not permitted and is a violation of inmate conduct. Your
  • telephone calls may be recorded.
  • The Pinellas County Jail provides telephones for inmate convenience as a means to
  • contact attorneys, bondsmen and family. All calls are on a “collect call” basis.
  • Inmates can purchase pre-paid phone cards that will enable them to make local and
  • long distance calls. The deputy on duty can provide information on how to purchase
  • one.
  • Criminal charges or disciplinary action may be placed against persons found
  • destroying, altering or damaging telephones and/or making obscene, threatening or
  • harassing telephone calls.
  • Inmates may not charge calls to a credit card or other number. Fraudulent long
  • distance calls will result in prosecution.
  • T.D.D. Machines are available for the hearing impaired, upon request.
  • Inmates are encouraged to use either an Inmate Request Form or the US Mail if there
  • is a need for communication within the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office. If there is an
  • absolute necessity to contact any agency or a section of the Sheriff’s Office by
  • telephone, a request should be made with a detention supervisor or a member of the
  • Detention Investigations Unit (D.I.U.).
  • There are enough telephones to accommodate the number of inmates housed in each
  • area. However, during times of high demand, be aware other inmates need to use the
  • phone. No continuous calling is allowed during these times.

How to post a bond for a Pinellas County Jail inmate?

If a Pinellas County Jail inmate’s charges have a bond amount, the inmate can post a bond or have someone else post the bond to facilitate his/her release.

How to post an inmate’s bond using a credit or debit card:
The Pinellas County Jail is now accepting bond payments of up to $2,500 through the GovPayNow program. The $2,500 limit is on a per charge basis. Be advised that a non-refundable service fee to GovPayNow will be added to all transactions.

How to purge an inmate’s child support payment:
If a Pinellas County Jail inmate has been arrested for failure to pay child support, the inmate can purge the child support payment or have someone else purge the child support payment in order to facilitate the release of the inmate.

How to purge an inmate’s child support payment by using a credit or debit card:
The Pinellas County Jail is now accepting payments for child support purges through the GovPayNow program. Payments are accepted in the full amount of the purge.

For more detailed information contact Pinellas County Jail Inmate Records at (727) 464-6415.

Inmate healthcare in the Pinellas County Jail

The Inmate Health Care Division provides comprehensive health care services for all inmates. These services result in a total health care program including medical, dental, psychiatric, and related health care services. This division adheres to the “Standards for Health Services in Jails”, set by the National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC). This division staffs only professionally trained, licensed, and certified medical personnel.

New Healthcare Facility opened in August 2007. The 432 bed facility will consolidate all inmate medical care under one roof at the Pinellas County Jail. The project cost over $35 million, and was primarily funded by the Penny for Pinellas. Medical care services for male and female inmates are concentrated on four floors of varying housing configurations encompassing 165,200 square feet.

The medical services include: an X-ray room, dialysis, three chairs for dental service, a 12 person waiting room, 20 negative pressure isolation cells, a mental health clinic, a trauma clinic, and dedicated space for staff and administration. The detention features include video visitation in each housing area, attorney visitation booths, a courtroom for appearances by video, and other inmate monitoring and staff security enhancements.

Pinellas County Jail Inmate Search

Inmate search provides information about current persons in custody of the Pinellas County Jail. Inmate roster usually includes the following information: booking or admission time, first and last name, gender, race, age or date of birth. Sometimes more detailed inmate records are provided (case number, charges, bail/bond amount, previous charges, photo, address, sentence information, commitment information, disciplinary infractions, disciplinary appeals, parole action, parole placement, work program, detainer/ warrants, profile classification, etc.).

Inmate Search in Pinellas County Jail is provided by Pinellas County Jail itself or by other third party. We do not guarantee accuracy of the information provided by Pinellas County Jail inmate search service. Be aware, that inmate information for different jails and prisons has different update periodicity. Usually inmate rosters are updated as new innmates data becomes available. Please see Pinellas County Jail website for more information. Typically online inmate lists should not be considered an official record or an official inmate roster. Official records and inmate rosters are kept by Pinellas County Jail.

Pinellas County Jail Arrest Warrants

Arrest warrant of Pinellas County Jail is a warrant issued by the Pinellas County judge to authorize the arrest and detention of an individual. Pinellas County Jail arrest warrant list provides all outstanding arrest warrants of Pinellas County yet to be served by law enforcement officials. The suspected named in the warrant of Pinellas County Jail can be arrested anytime.

Pinellas County Jail Contact Details

Pinellas County
14400 49th St. North Clearwater, FL 33762
27.9019464, -82.70052499999997
(727) 464-6415
Visit website

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