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The Desoto County Jail entered into an agreement with the Desoto County Health Department to provide and run the Medical Department. There is a full time RN nurse, a full time LPN nurse, one full time HST clerk, the Doctor and an ARNP that comes in 2 times a week so there is coverage 7 days a week

The Desoto County Jail entered into an agreement to have Trinty Food Service to run our kitchen. They have 3 employees that feed the entire jail, 3 meals a day. They also use sentenced inmates to help. Inmates are given three substantial, wholesome, and nutritious meals daily. Hot meals are served at least once daily. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are used in menu planning.

Responsible for making sure that all inmate clothing is washed or exchanged at least twice a week. Passes out books to the inmates for reading, assists inmates in getting a G.E.D. while incarcerated in the Desoto County Jail. Registers and maintains Sexual Offenders and Predators records.

Desoto County Jail has two full time employees in charge of cleaning and maintaining the Sheriff’s Office as well as the jail. They use sentenced inmates to help achieve these tasks. They take care of yard work, to plumbing, to painting to maintaining the inmate phones. Desoto County Jail has one full time employee that is in charge of visitation.

DeSoto County Jail Contact Details

De Soto County
208 East Cypress Street Arcadia, FL 34266
27.2174543, -81.8565954
863-993-3802 (Captain Ray Kugler)
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