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Alabama Trussville City Jail

Photo by: Trussville Police Department

The Trussville City Jail is staffed twenty-four hours a day and is capable of housing as many as thirty-two (32) inmates. Inmates are held in the municipal jail for various Misdemeanor offenses, which include but are not limited to; shoplifting, assault, DUI, failure to appear in Court or failure to comply with the orders of the Court and domestic violence. The Court may sentence an inmate to serve up to six months in jail for some Misdemeanor offenses. The Trussville Municipal Jail also houses people suspected of committing Felony crimes. These Felony crime suspects may be held in our jail for forty-eight hours without court approval.

Trussville City Jail Contact Details

Jefferson County
131 Main Street Trussville, AL 35173
33.7106878, -86.5161804
(205) 655-2101
(205) 661-9915
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