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St. Clair County, a county older than the state, is one of only two counties in the State to host two separate county seats. Ashville is the original county seat. A county seat was established in Pell City in 1902 to accommodate citizens residing on the southern side of Backbone Mountain who encountered hazardous traveling conditions. As a result of this, St. Clair County has two sets of county offices and jails. Chief Terry Marcrum is the Jail Administrator and has the Responsibility of managing both jails.

Pell City Jail has 106 beds. All female inmates are housed in the Pell City facility. The St. Clair County Jail employees 12 fulltime jailers in the Pell City facility. The facility has a jail captain who oversees the day to day operations. St. Clair County Jail also employees 6 part time jailers and 4 casual jailers.

The St. Clair Pell City Jail contracts with a professional medical company who provide nurses each day in each facility and a physician weekly to attend to the medical needs of inmates.

St. Clair County Jail – Pell City Jail Contact Details

St. Clair County
1610 Cogswell Avenue, Suite 206 Pell City, AL 35125
33.585279, -86.28879380000001
(205) 884-6842, (205) 814-3527
(205) 814-3676
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