Getting Out Of Jail After An Arrest: How Bails And Bonds Work

Many law-abiding citizens sometimes find themselves in this situation from petty misbehavior and being a nuance to the law but what is more frightening is the fact that if you get in jail, you will have to stay there unless you bail yourself out or keep a bond. Not many people know how bails and bonds work, so here is a simple guide so that you can become knowledgeable and be able to know some general know-how so that you can fight for your rights as a citizen.

Bails and Bonds

Bails Explained In Simple Terms

Basically, anyone arrested is still innocent unless proven guilty by a jury in court or there is enough evidence like you were actually caught with a weapon and drenched in blood. Still, you still have the rights and innocent until proven guilty. This means that you have to go in trial and wait it out. Now, if you have cash available or can find someone to post bail for you, then there is a corresponding fine that you must pay to the prison so that you can have your freedom till your trial is called. The court will hold your money until then. The money that you pay is sort of a security bond and will usually run up to thousands of dollars. They will hold this in hope that you will be available during the trial sessions.

Different Types Of Bail

You must also be aware that costs and corresponding fees will rise upon the severity of your case, as well depending on the charges. Like in most TV shows and movies, the kind of bail that is usually talked about is the “cash bail” and this is the amount you must pay in full in order to be temporarily released from jail. Then there is the “bail bond” and this one is when the accused (for example you), cannot pay the amount in full at once. When this happens, you must get a booking agent or an insurance company and they will guarantee the court that they will cover the charges in the case that you do not appear during trial. Another bail that some accused will use is a “property bond” and you will use some sort of assurance such as any property of yours that you give to the court. If you do not show up for trial, then the property will belong to the court.

Failed to Appear in Court? Finding The Accused

Now, if you have secured bail but did not appear in court, the law will get to you in the form of “bounty hunters.” These are people that professionally seek out the accused, contact them, and try to get them to appear in court to face their trial. It is best to avoid getting to this point because the fees that bounty hunters charge will be charged to your case, which will eventually rack up total price that you might have to pay should you be found guilty.

Bails and bonds is hopefully something that you will not have to face at anytime during your lifetime because this is a very stressful topic to even think about but it is better that you are always knowledgeable about this so that you can share information and also know your rights as a citizen.

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  1. can u please tell me rthat my friend is in the pulaski county jail. she is spossed to be getting experdited back to Texas, she now is in AR like i said, its was only a musdemenor but wa enhanced to a felony. it was just just for alittle prostitution, the man only had his socks and shoes off she was stil dressed. do u think they will coe get my friend and take her back to texas./ and if so….. please can u tell me how long will she have to stay there? thanks for anyones help Ms, Donna

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