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Wisconsin has a rich diversity of immigrants. Before it was discovered by a Frenchman named Jacques Marquette it is believed that Algonquian Indian had already inhabited the place. The state is also known for beers, brats, cheese, football and cold weather.

The name Wisconsin was officially given to the territory in 1845. The state’s name causes confusion about its origin and meaning. It has 72 counties and has Madison as the capital joining Milwaukee and Green Bay as the three largest cities in the state. The state is largely known for its rivers and streams.

The latest claim of the state was in February 2011 when the Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl XLV.

Many inhabitants occupy the Wisconsin and thus racial superiority or inferiority may occur. Racial Disparity or discrimination is a trend that occurs in Wisconsin. The state has only the average of 369 inmates per 100, 000 going to jail a month, generally lower compare to 502 as the as the national average yet it has the highest number of African American convicts. A black has a ten times greater tendency to be incarcerated than white residents. The statistics between the numbers of blacks which are incarcerated is not proportion to the population of African-American settled in Wisconsin. Perform a Wisconsin inmate search to find out.

Some states allow for the records of individuals to be cleared of certain crimes. Expungement means that all the information about the case, including arrest and admission of guilt, are cleared from the record. Wisconsin law does not make expungement possible but instead allow a certain record of individual to be sealed from public and usually this is given to individual who successfully completed a probation period given to them. However, criminal offense and sexual offenders are exemption to the rule.

Originally, it is illegal to carry a gun in Wisconsin, until recently, when Gov. Scott Walker lift the former ban and signed a concealed weapon bill. So if you perform a Wisconsin inmate search, you will see just a number of people being locked up for such offense.