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The last thing that you may think about Utah is about crime rates and jail for this county has a reputation of being a peaceful state because of the strong presence of the Mormon Church, its ski resort and famous airport hub.

The state’s incarceration rate is 232 which is about half of the national average of 502 out of 100, 000 going to jail a month. Since it is a heavy population, counties like Salt Lake, Utah, and Davis have the busiest jails. Try to perform Utah inmate search to know more.

Unlike most County Jails, Utah is being noticed by its creative and innovative programs which alleviate the burdens of the taxpayers. The jail has a vast amount of land that is being cultivated. In this area self-sufficiency is being highlighted to each inmate which other county jails can only dream about.

Utah’s government allows the inmates to actually expunge themselves from the crimes they committed provided that it should not involved serious issues. The jail supervisors’ rationale in giving expungement focus is more likely in reinforcement in which inmates will not likely repeat the violation they committed. Make an inmate search in Utah and you will see the some of them have managed to erase their previous records. This has been a strong deterrent strategy that all other states might want to emulate.

DUI in Utah is one of the main reasons why inmates are in jail. For an instance if you are operating a motor vehicle you have given the officer the authority to perform a chemical test on you and any refusal will most likely end up the suspension of your driver’s license, a fine or even a day behind bars.