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The state of Texas has the country’s second highest population of inmates, making its jails among the busiest. The reason for this bloating inmate population is the state’s serious campaign against crimes.

A large number of counties in Texas (with Harris County being a home to more or less3.5 million residents followed by Tarrant, Dallas and Bexar) contribute to its high incarceration rate that comes second, as mentioned, nationwide. With 254 counties, and its hard stance on crimes, it is not surprising that Texas has a lot of people who are locked up. Perform a Texas inmate search and you will come across this fact. More number of inmates directly correlates with a huge amount of expenditure for the government ranges as the highest per capita rates in the country.

Inmates stay in prison if they commit a more serious crime such as murder, armed robbery and rape. Though, these convicts can stay in country jail until they are sentenced to serve longer years or will spend their lifetime in prison. Very often inmates in county jails behave well because they don’t want to acquire another violation which can lead to longer years in jails.