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The State of Tennessee is one of the states that has a lot of counties with Shelby and Davidson being the first and the second largest. The state’s two biggest county jails came from these countries, too.

Convicts in County jails are inmates who commit less serious infractions and serve less than a year. While those in prison are the inmates who typically charged with criminal acts that are serious in nature and will serve longer years as sentence. Perform a Tennessee inmate search, to find out about this fact, as well as to locate someone locked up in this state.

In Shelby and Davidson, as mentioned, are the largest jails where you witness most violence that are sourced from racial disparity- an issue that brings tensions between the blacks and the whites. Larger population in county jails offers a little bit of privacy when it comes to charges that are bound to them. Inmates simply need to make sure that somehow they know how to get along with the other inmates while staying out, as much as possible, to other convicts’ personal issues.