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The state of South Carolina is the home of famous Andrew Jackson, Vanna White and Jesse Jackson. It is located at the east coast of the U.S. and is known for being the “buckle” on the Bible Belt. Young people often choose to spend their spring break in beautiful beaches on the east coast.

With more than 300, 000 residents each in Greenville, Richland and Charleston there is no doubt that the state of South Carolina is most densely populated. The state has the highest rates of incarceration in the U.S. and you might just ask what legal proceeding happens and what the situations of the inmates in jails are.

In Berkeley County Detention Center, inmates are only permitted to read the Bible while serving their incarceration. This is a very ancient controversial policy which drawn the attention of mass media and many persons and groups are trying scrap this rule.

The state ranked 8th in the most number of inmates which has the rate of 539 inmates per 100, 000 residents. This is a large number of inmates that needs to be accommodated which also requires a large amount of appropriated funds from the government to be spent. Last 2006, the expenditure of the state reached up to $301.6 million which represent an amount of $13,170 per year ($36.08 per day) per inmate. Make a South Carolina inmate search to see the facts for yourself!

Expungement is also available in South Carolina, but only to some definite situation which include possession of marijuana on the first offense whereas misdemeanor and traffic violations are not a preference.

Driving under the influence of liquor is prohibited in South Carolina and fines can be heavier depending upon the additional factors that contribute when the circumstances happened. Perform a South Carolina inmate search and you will see that a number of people are locked up because of DUI issue.

Gun Laws in South Carolina limits the use of guns to personal protection in their homes and in business. The state also implemented “Castle Doctrine”, a bill that gives authority to those who are being attacked in their home to use rational force. Under special circumstances, the state can issue a secret carry permits under the “shall issue” policy.