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Amish Country, Lake Erie and Hershey Bars are few only few things that will remind you of Pennsylvania- a state with 67 counties with Philadelphia and Montgomery having the most population respectively.

Millions of viewers of the fictional film Dunder-Mifflin blindfolded the people of the real situation of the inmates that are convicted in the prisons cells. The present incarceration rate of the state is at 406, no very far below from the country’s national average which sits at 502.

Due to the high incarceration rate, mostly because of non-violent offenders and recidivism, the state faces a serious issue on overcrowding of jails and prisons. The inmates population increase by up to 618 % since 1981 comprising 52, 000 from 5, 284. To solve the current overcrowding issue on jails the state is under construction of a three new correctional facilities yet as soon as it will be finished it will be filled up with inmates. Most inmates are African American which represents 2/3 % although a smaller percentage that people comprises of a total state population. Perform a Pennsylvania inmate search, if you want to find someone locked up in this state.

Maltreatment issue in Pennsylvania is one of the major problems of the government. An inmate’s maybe maltreated by guards and his co-inmates as well. One victim of this issue is Nicholas Pinto, where he was beaten and ended with comatose. This incident alarmed the public who called for better security to prevail in the jails. Also, inmates who were caught on act adds up to the increasing number of recidivism. Presently, a federal civil rights is looking forward to that the arrangement which can avoid the inmates to be victim of the abuse while staying in prison. This is a fact that you will come across if you will make an inmate search in Pennsylvania.