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The state of Oregon is perfectly situated in the Pacific Northwest and is blessed with one of America’s most amazing landscapes. It has a long stretch of Pacific coastline that has been a major state attraction along with the Crater Lake.

The state’s incarceration rate sits at 373, a safe position below the country’s national average of 502. An Oregon inmate search will show that the state is experiencing a drop in the crime rate and the figure that it has now is the state’s lowest in 4 decades. For imprisonment rate, Oregon ranks 30th in the entire US.

There’s a controversial legislation in Oregon they call Measure 11 that requires the judge to render a non-negotiable minimum sentence for a particular crime. Parole and good behaviour will not and cannot decrease the sentence below the minimum. This law even treats juveniles who commit infraction under what’s being defined by Measure 11 as adults. Among the crimes included in this measure are rape, sodomy, manslaughter, kidnapping, assault, robbery and sexual abuse. There were several attempts to repeal this law on the ground that it is too harsh, but none has succeeded.

Unlike the majority of States, Oregon legalized the cultivation, possession and even use of marijuana by virtue of its Medical Marijuana Act enacted in 1998 that got an overwhelming support of 56.4% of votes. This of course must be understood in the context that the use is only intended for medical purposes. The law still makes it illegal for someone to drive while under the influence of marijuana. Oregon is just next to California to enact something like that.

This legislation made an impact among the people of Oregon, but did so little about the ongoing illegal marijuana use and trade in the state. One reason is the complicated process before one can be allowed to possess marijuana. So instead of going through the needle’s hole, people are finding an easy way out.

The right to be represented by a lawyer whenever you are charged with a crime is mandatory in the state of Oregon. If you can’t afford one, the government will get a public defender to help you. Perform an Oregon inmate search to find out that a number of inmates have been represented by defenders appointed by the state.