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The State of Oklahoma has so much to brag about aside from being the home state to world-famous actor Brad Pitt and country music superstars Vince Gill, Reba McEntire and Garthbrooks. It has more than 10 million acres of forest, a huge part of it being a protected zone. The vast forest makes Oklahoma the kind of state that it is- oozing with natural resources and undeniable natural beauty.

Oklahoma, just like all other states, is not just about natural resources, beauty and vast forests as its government also deal with a whole lot of crime problems every now and then. If you perform Oklahoma inmate search, you will get a glimpse of the fact that 2600 female are behind bars. That figure amounts to 12.4% of the state’s incarceration rate. For at least 10 years, Oklahoma has one of the highest incarceration rates in the United States.

The number of women behind bars is puzzling, but the government has some pretty plausible explanation for it. In Oklahoma, they have what they call the Habitual Offender Law that authorizes prosecutors to somehow impose harsher sentences to offenders who have previous convictions or criminal records in the past decade. The law retroacts, and if you are found to be guilty of a third offense, the sentence will range from 20 years of imprisonment to life. Sadly, this law punishes even the non-violent crimes, so you now see why a lot of women are locked up in Oklahoma.

Gun Laws in Oklahoma are pretty well defined and they set parameters as to who can use a gun and how. In the days of old, the people in Oklahoma found it necessary to possess a gun or any firearm as a means to survive. Today, however, this view is no longer widely shared.

DUI laws in Oklahoma are pretty much the same with other states. The only difference is that before a person can regain his license or anything that has been deprived to him by reason of the offense, he has to show the court that he is a changed man, and that he possesses all the qualifications of a good driver. If you start an inmate search in Oklahoma, you will see that most people are in jail because of DUI offenses, too.