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The state of Ohio has 88 Counties, and at least 10 county jails in total. Of these county jails, Cuyahoga as the reputation of being rough, and is most likely to have overcrowding issues. In Ohio, the average incarceration cost per inmate plays at around $25,000. This is quite an expense, so jails have made use of their resources to address this concern- their inmates. People there are made to work minor tasks like landscaping, cooking and all others that they can think of to cut costs.

Incarceration rate in Ohio is quite unstable at it showed a rapid increase through 1997 and 98 and a decline through 2004. Its incarceration rate, meaning the number or people going to jail out of 100,000 people per month, is at 445 according to the 2008 data of Bureau of Justice Statistics and went up to 449 recently. The same data is shown when you make an Ohio inmate search.

Race and ethnicity have always been the strongest of all factors leading to skirmishes inside these jails. Good thing that in 2012, the population of prisons in Ohio started to decrease- just what they really need to address the rising cost of prison.