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The state of New Mexico is an exceptional state not only in terms of culture and history but also as a geographic masterpiece. Often dubbed as the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico is decorated with snow-draped mountains and desert vistas. Within its territory is the Rio Grande river system, one of America’s longest rivers.

Culturally, Native American ways of life are still practiced in remote areas of the state. That is despite the abrupt development in technology. Its culture is a beautiful mix of Hispanic, Native American and Anglo cultures and traditions.

Bernalillo is one of the 33 counties of the state which also happens to be the most populous, respectively followed by Dona Ana and Santa Fe. New Mexico ranks sixth in terms of sparsely populated states with 16 people per square mile.

One interesting history of the state is the fact that the first atomic bomb was detonated within its confines; Designed in Los Alamos, the bomb was discharged on the White Sands testing area on the 16th of July, 1945, just a few weeks before the historical Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing.

New Mexico, however, is not just all about beauty as it is also a haven of lawless individuals. Perform a New Mexico inmate search and you will be surprised at the number of people in jail. The incarceration rate is at 316, lesser than the national average of 502 people going to jail out of 100,000 a month. However, the trend in New Mexico’s crime rate suggests an upward movement yet the state became the 15th US state to scrap death penalty in 2009 as it did not really deter crimes. Try to execute a New Mexico inmate search and you’ll come across this fact.

DUI is a rare crime in this state due to its sparse population. You don’t see cars bumper to bumper, and that somehow gave people a false sense of confidence. To address this, the state has strict DUI laws that will mete out suspension of driver’s license, fine, imprisonment or community service.

Their gun laws detail the manner how a person can own and use a gun, and they perpetually ban persons who have been previously convicted or with criminal records from possessing guns and other firearms.