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Being one of the original thirteen colonies which fought for independence from Great Britain, New Jersey’s history is adorned with patriotism and sacrifice for the state. Located in the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic portion of the US, New Jersey is composed of 21 counties with Bergen and Middlesex having the most number of population.

With a dense population and ranking second in America’s wealthiest states, it’s not surprising that New Jersey has the most number of millionaire households. But not every county in the state shares this blessing because Newark is the country’s fourth poorest city. Generally, counties in this state are just suburbs of Philadelphia and New York City, but New Jersey is the only state where all counties are labeled ‘urban’.

Diversity in race and religion is not uncommon in this state, being the melting pot of people from different places. It’s basically a home for races like Africans, Chinese, Filipinos, Indians and Costa Ricans. Jewish and Muslim religions are dominant in this state. Because of this diversity, New Jersey strives to become a politically liberal state in the country.

If you do a New Jersey inmate search, you will realize that the state also suffers from common crime problems poorer states suffer. Organized crimes lurk in the state and its seriousness has even inspired someone to come up with films like ‘The Sopranos”. These mafia organizations are being traced and dissolved, but a few are still surviving. NJ’s incarceration rate is at 291, way below the country’s national average of 502. A huge number of inmates are behind bars for petty, non violent drug offenses. That goes to show the seriousness of the law in terms of drugs.

Gun control is also something this state is quite serious about. There are laws banning the possession of slingshots, hollow-nose bullets and other firearms. A simple gun offense amounts to a felony in this state, and unlike others it does not recognize licenses issued outside its jurisdiction. An inmate search in New Jersey will show that a lot of people go to jail because of gun issues.