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If you speak of a state that is rich in history, you will probably talk about New Hampshire. In 1776, this New England state broke free from Great Britain and became America’s first sovereign state after the colonial period. It is also one of the Original Thirteen US states and the ninth state to ratify America’s 1788 Constitution. This state produced one of the country’s leaders in the person of former president Franklin Pierce.

While it may be rich in history, New Hampshire lacks coastline. It has the shortest coastline ion the country with 18 miles. That said, it’s not unthinkable why this state is the smallest state in America both in terms of population and in land area. Only 10 counties comprise New Hampshire with Hillsborough and Rockingham having the most population.

Politically, New Hampshire became popular for being the first among the many states to hold US presidential election primaries. This has been the state’s trademark because the New Hampshire law requires that the Secretary of State must schedule this at least a week prior to any similar event. The results of New Hampshire’s primaries have been very significant in shaping the election outcome as reflected in the country’s history.

If you do New Hampshire inmate search, you will see that it has the lowest crime rate in the country that is reflected in its incarceration rate which only amount to 206, way below the national average of 502.

Criminal record expungement in New Hampshire is almost impossible. Simple traffic offenses cannot be removed from the record, how much more felonies and misdemeanors. The only offenses that may fall under the exceptions are loitering and prowling- that is if the offender was deprived of the chance to explain his reasons for the commission of the offense.

While expungement is generally not allowed, annulment of criminal records is another thing. These records may be annulled if the sentence has been served and the courts requirements were all satisfied. What they mean by annulment here is that it is as if the crime never happened, but the record will resurface if the offender has committed another offense. This, however, rarely happens if you make an inmate search in New Hampshire.

The state has a rather laid back gun laws provided that you are not an ex-convict. There’s no need to secure a license for a citizen to possess guns. However, if you have a criminal record and have been previously suspended, you are perpetually banned to possess firearms.