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Located in the Great Basin of the US, a huge part of Nevada is a desert. Its popular Las Vegas Metropolitan Area holds two thirds of its entire population. It is the seventh largest state and top 5 in terms of population across the country.

Nevada got its name from Sierra Nevada mountains beside it and it is the biggest landlocked US state. It has 16 counties and two of the most populous in the sixteen are Clark County and Washoe.

Nevada is a major tourist destination not because everybody loves deserts but because the state has some peculiar views on gambling and marriages as reflected in their laws. It has a very lenient law on marriages and divorce. The city of Las Vegas alone attracts 30 million tourists annually and because of that it earned the reputation of being the Entertainment Capital of the World. Vegas has plenty of casinos, hotels, restaurants and shopping malls. No wonder why the whole state relies on tourism for sustenance. Prostitution is common and Nevada is the only state in the country that allows that. But of course, not all counties are open to prostitution. Counties like Lincoln, Clark and Douglas are among who said no. Most interestingly, Las Vegas is in Clark, so the Sin City makes prostitution illegal. If you perform Nevada inmate search, you’ll see that some of them are locked up because of prostitution.

Las Vegas has a flourishing nightlife and bars are almost always filled with people from all walks of life. That’s the reason why the state has stricter DUI laws. If caught, you will initially suffer a 90 day suspension of your driver’s license, a fine that will range from $400 up to $1000 and imprisonment of up to 6 months. Some employ community services and succeeding offenses are dealt with severely.

Nevada’s gun laws are quite lax. The state ranked third in the list of most dangerous states. Permit or license is no longer required to purchase a firearm, so is registration. The only time you will be required a permit is when you carry concealed weapons. Even so, the process the secure a permit is also easy. In fact, it honors permits from other states like Arkansas, Alaska, Michigan, Missouri and Ohio among others. Seldom will you find someone with longer sentence due to gun law violation if you do Nevada inmate search.