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Missouri or the ‘Show Me State’ is in Mid-western US and the area where it is now was first occupied by French and was only transferred to them by way of the Louisiana Purchase. The state has 114 counties and among them Jackson and St. Louis Counties are most populous.

Missouri is a relatively rich state being one of the leading producers of tobacco and alcohol in America. Aside from that, it has also a huge influence in the US politics and it earned the name bellwether- connoting that the state is an indicator of political trends. The only time that Missouri seemed to lost this magic was during Obama’s election in 2008. The state supported his opponent John McCain.

Being one of the biggest alcohol producers, you can’t expect Missouri to embrace strict alcohol laws. Here, minors are allowed to consume alcohol. In fact, parents are even encouraged to serve this to their children. Public intoxication is not a crime, it is even protected by the laws of the state. Make a Missouri inmate search and you will rarely see people being locked up because of alcohol alone.

DUI is another thing. While it’s permissive to alcohol related offenses, drunk driving is just intolerable, not even the slightest road mistake. Once caught, the law will retroact 5 years and if found to have been convicted of a related offense, the punishment will aggravate. But say you have a clean record, the ones that will aggravate your offense are over speeding, driving with minors and if your blood alcohol content is twice the allowed amount which is .08%. Imprisonment, cancellation of license and fine are among the penalties you may face. If you don’t want your name to show up in Missouri inmate search, take driving seriously.

Expungement, although allowed is difficult to achieve in this state. Even if it will be applicable, you can’t expect to have your bad records wiped out entirely because they’ll resurface if you apply in the military or seek an elective position.