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The state of Mississippi in Southern US derived its name from the world-famous Mississippi river or the Great river. Composed of 82 counties, Mississippi’s most populous subdivisions are Harrison, Rankin and DeSoto. The state is the leading provider of catfish distributed in the entire North American continent courtesy of the long great river. But it’s not really the catfish that makes the state known. Mississippi takes pride for being the home state of the King Elvis Presley.

Health care in the state is among the least commendable, and the state landed on the 50th spot in terms of healthcare programs. Aside from that, it has the lowest per capita income. The state may not seem at par with others in terms of wealth but the Mississippians are charitable persons who have a big heart to give.

As a conservative state, same sex marriage was never welcomed in Mississippi, and for a person to get elected he has to believe in a supreme being. Probably because it is a poor state, Mississippi has always been a subject of stereotype where the people there are deemed illiterate, racists and called other names. To rectify this, a businessman names Rick Looser founded the Cirlot Agency with a mission to educate people about the progress that the state is experiencing. This, of course, was inspired by his encounter with a ten year old boy who asked him if he hated black people.

In terms of crime punishment, Mississippi has some peculiar ways to deal with criminals. In the past, they have used chain gangs to punish offenders, usually subjecting them to extremely hard labor under the burning sun. Perform an inmate search in Mississippi and you’ll see that these aren’t just stories. These things are real. Although this has been effective as deterrence, this type of punishment is no longer employed now.

Felony and misdemeanors are treated differently with the former carrying harsher penalties than the latter. If you are charged with a felony, the record will linger for a lifetime, but misdemeanor charges can be swept from your records in time with right legal actions.

Drunk driving is also something abhorred in this state, hence the state’s stricter laws on DUI. They usually carry revocation of license, imprisonment and fine. Mississippi inmate search will show that a lot of people got to jail because of that.