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The US’s incarceration rate average is at 502 and Minnesota only average 189 inmates for every 100,000 people a month as shown when you do Minnesota inmate search. You may think that this is good, but not entirely. The low rate is indicative of a low crime rate in the state, making it relatively peaceful and very much conducive for living. The bad side here is on the perspective of offenders who will most likely stay in jails longer than usual because of the absence of overcrowding. Overcrowding is one of the reason why come inmates are released ahead of time in other states.

Time off is also available in this state, specifically in the Anoka County jail where an inmate who has shown exemplary behavior while serving sentence can enjoy up to a third of time off. The best way to avail yourself of this privilege is to behave well and obey the authorities.

There are a lot of jails in Minnesota usually outnumber the prisons. This , however, seems to create a confusion among many and it’s best to differentiate a jail form a prison this early. A jail is where most inmates who serve shorter sentences find themselves in. They are there for at most a year, and those in jails are behaving so as to get a time off as soon as possible. Prisons, on the other hand, house the ruthless criminals who have committed serious crimes that come with longer prison time. People here are violent because of hopelessness. This is what you typically see on TV. They defy the law thinking that they have the slightest chance to get out. Perform Minnesota inmate search and you’ll see.

Hennepin County Jail is Minnesota’s largest jail. It has to be that big because Hennepin is the only county in the state that reached over a million residents. Along with Hennepin are Ramsey, Dakota, Anoka and Washington County Jails.