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The abundance of blue grass earned Kentucky its famous name “the Bluegrass State” . Found in the East Central region of the US, the state of Kentucky was an original part of the Commonwealth of Virginia and just became a full-fledged state and a union member in 1972. Kentucky Derby and great horse varieties also placed this state on the map. Deer, turkey, as well as free ranging elk are common in this state. The state’s human population is scattered into 120 counties, and most of them are situated in Jefferson County, Georgia’s most populous subdivision.

The state has a special set of laws found in the Kentucky Revised Statutes enacted in 1942. Six years after, Kentucky established its own police force making it the 38th US state to do so. Death penalty by lethal injection for capital crimes is observed in this state. Death by electric chair was also employed, and the state’s last public execution , which was also the country’s last, was in 1936. Interestingly, the state’s incarceration rate is below the country’s national average of 502 at 478 as reflected in Kentucky inmate research result.

Alcohol laws are quite a thing in this state despite it being famous for bourbon distilleries and whiskies. There are 46, out of 120 counties that are labeled dry for prohibiting alcohol within their jurisdiction, 42 are considered partially dry which means that alcohol can be sold provided that it be consumed outside the county’s territory.

DUI cases in Kentucky are not taken lightly. It’s paramount for the government to keep people safe on the road. Prior convictions may affect punishment for DUI. In fact, the law will look back at your records five years from the day you committed the crime and if found convicted of the same crime in the past, you will have to deal with much harsher punishments. The punishment will include suspension of driver’s license, imprisonment, community service and fine. But it can be aggravated if you are caught with a minor onboard, over speeding and having twice the allowed amount of BAC in your body. Kentucky inmate search shows that a growing number of people usually suffers aggravating circumstances because of these.