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Land of the Indians and Indian Lands are two of the brands of America's 38th largest state, Indiana. The state's bragging rights comes from its capital city Indianapolis which is the country's second largest state and NFL's Indianapolis Colts.

Among the most popular county jails in Indiana are Howard County, LaPorte County, Huntington County, Benton County and Lake County Jails.

Each year, different crimes have different crime rates. Example, murder cases in the state are more or less 300, the lowest the state has ever recorded since 1987. This figure is dropping, just like what's going on with rape cases. However, the drop is not very much significant when compared to the ones recorded in the past. In 2009, rape cases reached1,600 which is just a fraction of the rate of larceny theft that reaches 137, 371 in the same year. That may be high, but that's the lowest since 1986.

Indiana's incarceration rate can barely hit 500 with just 447 out of 100,000 people going to jail each month. This is not the lowest in the country, but this is absolutely not the highest either.

Statistics show that in Indiana, a school dropout has three and a half times more potential to be arrested and eight times more to be placed in prison than those students who will graduate. What's even scary is the fact that more than 50% of high school drop outs end up unemployed and the figure does not show any decrease since then.

Ten years ago, America was spending $12 billion just to house inmates. Now the figure reached a jaw dropping $52 billion. This is what Indiana’s governor is trying to address, at least in his state. They devised a shorter jail time for petty crimes and are proactive in helping drug addicts than being persistent in sending them to jail.