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The fifth most populated state in the United States, Illinois borders with Lake Michigan and is enveloped by five other states. Known as the Land of Lincoln, it being a home state of former president Abraham Lincoln, Illinois has produced yet another leader in the person of the late president Ronald Reagan.

Illinois’ incarceration rate increased from 46,000 to 50,000 which sets a new record according to many. The 4,000 increase in the number of inmates that took place in just a matter of two years means that the incarceration rate is also on the rise. Measured by the number of inmates that go to jail out of 100,000 a month, Illinois records 349 inmates.

Most common crimes and the primary reason in the increase of incarceration rate in this state are burglary, larceny theft and other property crimes. Although there have been a decrease in rate over the past few years, rape and murder are still quite common with murder sending 800 people to jail and 4,000 from rape. From 1995 up to the present, the incarceration cost in Illinois witnessed a 70% increase and they now spend a whopping 1.2 billion dollars annually for their inmates.

There have been additional 3 buildings in Illinois since 1980, yet the state still goes through a problem on overcrowding. Every bit of space is now used as a jail including the infirmary and the gymnasium. They have designed a place for persons with disabilities that now houses 4 inmates in a cell designed for two. Other amenities have been made available to better the condition of the inmates.

Chicago, the state’s most popular City is the number one hotspot for crimes, and a huge chunk of the state's incarceration rate comes from it. Gangs have been the constant source of headache there and the problem seems to worsen. The most vulnerable targets of these gangs are children who undergo emotional troubles. They are recruited and they are made to feel at home by gang members who mold them to engage in violence.

This gang problem is also prevalent in schools. Warring gangs are lethal. There was a case of beating in one school that actually killed the student. The scene was captured on video and has now gone viral online. Children in school are harmed, so expect it to double when they're on the streets during gang confrontations.

However, the whole thing is not really hopeless because there are people and institutions who can help children break free from gangs and all associated activities. Learning the whole jail system will help; especially when you or you know of someone who is most likely to find himself behind bars. The best thing to do above anything else is to find a competent lawyer who will defend your rights and give you the kind of protection demanded by the constitution.