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Blessed with lush mountains in the north and pristine beaches in the east, the state of Georgia is a place to visit. Aside from its natural grandeur, Georgia has also a rich history. It is one of the last few original Thirteen Colonies and it is named after England’s King George II. After suffering defeat in the last civil war, Georgia was the last state to be readmitted to the former Union. Aside from history, Georgia is also rich literally with 14 of its counties belong to America’s top 100 fastest growing counties, just next to Texas. Famous personalities like President James Carter, Martin Luther King Jr. and Hulk Hogan are from Georgia.

Georgia’s incarceration rate is quite unstable, especially when checked per county. It can be as low as 74 to as high as 1000 people going to jail out of 100,000 people a month. Major contributors in this surge of the rate are counties like Richmond, Grady, Chatham and Troup. Burke and Bibb, though enjoying low incarceration rate than other counties at 700 t0 800, it is still way above the national average of 502. Cobb and Treutlen Counties, however, can only hit as much as 74 people a month, but it can’t make a huge impact in general. When you perform Georgia inmate search, you’ll see that the most common crimes are related to property.

Georgia has some issues with debts, and cost-cutting has become imperative. This however, does not affect the prison cost because Georgian leaders will never compromise peace and order for economy. The state spends as much as $1 billion annually just to keep people behind bars, and stringent state laws have made it even harder for people to get out. But analysts say that this has to change because sooner Georgia might not be able to fund Incarceration, not without compromising the safety of inmates.

Abuses in Georgian jails are also prevalent with one case narrating how jail guards beat inmates for no reason. The parents of the beaten inmates weren’t allowed to see them and they only knew of the incident when a photo was shown to them. Many have speculated about the reasons and the most common that they can come up with pertains to ethnic and racial differences, as reflected when you do Georgia inmate search.