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Florida has one of the biggest inmate populations in the United States. This has been attributed to the enormous population of the entire state. A lot of ex-inmates of Florida jails share stories of gang activities and tensions brought about by racial differences. This is unsightly, but not uncommon because Florida has somehow become a melting pot of races and that racial diversity is something you cannot disregard, especially in jails.

With a mix of people coming from a different set of traditions, beliefs and ways of life, the prospect of going inside the Florida jail suddenly becomes scary. However, with right information and a little research, you will most likely feel relieved. It's true that jails in Florida are tough, but the people you find there serve shorter sentences and you can't expect these people to risk additional charges when they are only there for at most a year.

In county jails like that of Florida, defending yourself isn't really something you need to think about all the time. The secret to stay safe inside is to have the right amount of self-respect and respect for others. Get more information about different jails across the state that will range from visiting hours, meals and even tips on how good behavior can help you through your entire stint inside one of America’s enormous jails.