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Colorado is well known for the Denver Broncos football team, as well as the ever famous Colorado River, and the popular NBA team, the Denver Nuggets. The state is named after the red slit which is carried through the Colorado River. 64 counties comprise the state and among them Denver, El Paso and Arapahoe are the most populous.

With its grandeur and richly detailed history, Colorado has its own share of crimes and violence. In April 1999, the tragic Columbine shootings have sparked a controversy with regards to the regulation of guns and their respective ownerships. The case forced authorities to implement more gun control measures. The 2012 shooting in The Dark Knight Returns premiere in Aurora, Colorado has again sparked a controversy for a stricter gun control in America. Even though federal laws and state laws have already implemented laws making it illegal to purchase guns for minors, further investigation is needed to prevent the recurrence of these tragedies.

Colorado Incarceration Rate
Colorado has an incarceration rate of 450 per 150,000 residents. This number is slightly below the national rate of 502 inmates. When laws are implemented well, discipline always follows. Thus lowering the incarceration rates to a safe level in which citizens can be assured of safety.

Colorado Marijuana Laws
Colorado is one of the two states in which marijuana can be legally sold for medical and non-medical purposes. However, this law with regards to marijuana being sold for non-medical purposes is still up in the air because the state is given a grace period of one year to cite its distribution and regulation. In Colorado, Marijuana was decriminalized up to some point.First time offenders will get sanctions similar to that of a minor traffic violation. Medical use is actually allowed, as long as it does not go beyond 2 oz, along with a physician’s prescription and state registration.

Colorado Laws on DUI
In Colorado DUI laws, first time offenders may serve at least 5 days and at most 1 year in jail. he will be required to pay a of $600 to 1000 and his license can be suspended up to nine months. Subsequent offenses can add a burden to a sentence.