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There are two large county jails in Arizona which hold a great number of inmate populations. These are the Maricopa and Pima County Jails. Other jail counties in Arizona include Yavapai, Cochise, Coconino, Pina, Yuma, Navajo and Mohave.

Joe Arpaio, the Maricopa County’s popular sheriff, has hit national headlines with his methods of discouraging offenders from recommitting their crimes. Controversial measures such as sleeping in tents, wearing pink underwear and meals given only twice a day are his method of making the county a discouraging environment to stay.

The Maricopa County Jail has extreme weather conditions. Sleeping in tents can be an ordeal and very uncomfortable because heat cannot be insulated. The temperature usually reaches betond 100 degrees into the summer. According to former inmates, racial tensions are extremely high in this county jail that it always works best to keep to yourself until you can adjust to the environment.

If you are to be assigned in the Pima County Jail, they mandate a 15% reduction given that there are no disciplinary actions according to state law. If you have shown a great remorse through character such as staying away from fights with other inmates, being obedient to jail guards and just saying no to drugs while locked up.

Phone calls in Pima county jail are recorded for security purposes, These records can be requested by your lawyer, and they can also listen to your calls if they think that this will add weight to the evidence. Any form of communication you will have with your lawyer is protected and will remian a secret.

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