10 Longest Prison Sentences

Spending even just a month in jail is a daunting prospect, but others spend more than half of their lifetime behind bars. However, ‘more than half of their lifetime’ still seems too short compared to the longest prison sentences meted out to some persons from around the world. They’re absurd, but no matter how stupid is the law, it is the law.

Here is a list of longest prison sentences

1. 160 years sentence

A native of Pittsburg, Keith O Wood was found guilty of raping 5 women in a year and was sentenced to 160 years in prison. He pleaded not guilty of the crime, but the judge ruled against him after DNA tests showed that he is indeed guilty in all 5 cases.

2. 265 years sentence

In 1996 Georgian Jeffrey Kollie and Ryan Brandt were both sentenced to 7 consecutive life sentences for committing armed robbery. The sentence was the longest in the entire history of Georgia – something that might not have happened if they accepted a plea of not guilty that could have given them only 40 years as sentence.

3. 330 years  sentence

Not too long ago, US District Judge Denny Chin found Mr. Schmidt guilty of fraud and money laundering for promising high rates to investors and shy away with their investments. For this offense, he has been sentenced a staggering 330 years of imprisonment.

4. 845 years  sentence (Is it for… ehm… turtle?)

In the year 200, Shalom Weiss was found guilty for his participation in the bankruptcy of National Heritage Life Insurance Corporation of New York. After robbing investors of their money and became one of FBI’s most wanted persons, he was caught and was sentenced for 845 years. He appealed for a lesser punishment but was denied.

Darron Bennalford Anderson

Darron Bennalford Anderson

5. 2000 years  sentence (just a couple of millenia!)

A man from Oklahoma named Darron Bennalford Anderson was found guilty of committing rape and robbery and was given a sentence of 2000 years of imprisonment. He appealed but to no avail, until in 1997 when he applied for parole.

6. 7,109 years (ok, this is SERIOUS!)

In Middle East, 2 Iranians were sentenced 7,109 years of imprisonment in 1969 for committing what others call unthinkable crime. The punishment was mete out to remind Iranians of the strength and seriousness of their laws.

7. 25 Life Sentences (they were lazy to calculate exactly)

A guy from California named Juan Corona got a sentence of 25 consecutive life imprisonments for killing 25 migrant workers who worked for him in a very short span of one year.

8. 28 Life Sentences

A serial killer in Florida in the person of Bobbie Joe Long was guilty of raping more than fifty women and killing more than twenty-five of them. He was sentenced with 28 life sentences, additional 99 years of imprisonment and a death sentence.

Dudley Wayne Kyzer

Dudley Wayne Kyzer

9. 10,000 years sentence (I bet he is still in jail!)

In 1981 Dudley Wayne Kyzer was found guilty of killing his wife, mother-in-law, as well as a college student. For brutally killing his wife he got 10,000 years of imprisonment, and additional life sentence intended for the death of his mother-in-law and of the college student. This remains America’s longest sentence.

10. 384,912 years (absolute record!)

The sentence meted out to a 20 year old Pama de Mallorca in 1972 for failing to 4,000 deliver letters remains the longest sentence on earth. According to another source, this sentence was requested by the prosecutor, while actually he was sentenced only to 14 years and 2 month of imprisonment.

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  1. What about Erin George, who was sentenced to 603 years, currently serving at the Fluvanna Correctional Facility for Women?
    She has written a book called: A Woman Doing Life – Notes from a Prison for Women
    Edited by Robert Johnson and published by Oxford University Press in 2010

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